“Making it rain” Key Note at India Licensing Expo by Jiggy George Founder & CEO Dream Theatre Pvt. Ltd. & Country MD, Licensing International (LIMA)

Jiggy delivered the opening keynote at the inaugural Licensing Expo by License India in Mumbai on 5th Sept. 2017.

Jiggy spoke from his heart about his early years in the business, from taking over the reins at MTV’s consumer business to the entry of global powerhouses Disney & Viacom to his tenure at Cartoon Network and his ultimate leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship by setting up the country’s first independently run licensing & merchandising agency Dream Theatre. He also speaks about the many troubles and opportunities the business faced and how the industry has matured since.

Here is the complete video:

A historical moment in Indian Kids TV

Pokémon on both Disney and Cartoon Network! It’s not often that you find two of the competitor kids networks: Disney Networks with Hungama and Turner Broadcasting with Cartoon Network backing the same show!

Pokémon is back, bigger and better than ever! Pokémon Season 1, 2 and 3 play out on Hungama and has been a super hit right from its launch. The average rating recorded for this show continues to be over 1 TVR. Reaching out to a 57.1-million-strong audience across India, of which 24.2 million are kids, the show has ranked consistently. With Season 3, Hungama has added another slot of 9.00 pm to Pokémon prime play slots.

Pokemon (1)

Cartoon Network has countered this by pulling out some of the Pokémon content of Season 14 and placing the same on their network. Pokémon Black & White runs on Cartoon Network. Daily Monday to Friday at 12:30pm and 8pm!

It’s a battle over one show across two networks. Broadcasters are backing it. Consumers love it! To jump on the Pokémon journey.Do write into: info@dream-theatre.co.in