Shopping for Kid’s Birthday Parties – Yamini Kalyan

Kid’s birthday parties are no more about homemade sandwiches, cake, wafers, samosas or puffs with simple decoration around the non-staining walls of one’s own home. Gone are the days when “Simon said” or when the parcel filled with innocent punishments was passed around or when one received some candies and small chocolate goodies and simple 3 products stationery set as a return gift.
Today, as adults move on with greater spending power and kids are inundated with choices, information, entertainment and exotic possibilities, parties have taken on the aura of an event i.e. a mega theme gala affair for kids and parents!
Hence as with any event planning there is a lot of thought, budgeting and theme related choices being made. However in a consumer driven society like ours we need to be cognizant that there is a plethora of products available which are poor lookalike copies of popular characters and animation figures.
 In India, we have either direct imported goods from abroad which are definitely of good quality but also heavy on pricing available typically at Branded Party Supply boutiques. These are like the grey market purchases.  Good stuff but often illegal sales.  At the other end of the spectrum one is engulfed with party supplies, decorations, costumes and props in the unorganized sector on streets, mom and pop stores and wholesale markets. These are definitely unauthentic character imitations and cheap in quality. But sadly this is what most party planners prefer as the party products are regarded as supplies needed for no more than a couple of hours.
In all this melée there is a mid-path. Authentic sanctioned licensed products. These products are officially legally permitted by the companies that own the character brands such as, Pokémon, Angry Birds, Avengers, Disney characters among many others.
Admittedly this concept of brand ownership, representation and licensed merchandise may seem totally alien. Sadly we are not informed consumers as in the Western world.  But this is what one needs to look out for.
The products are available, have appropriate pricing with good quality standards, great designs and are legitimate across a variety of categories essential to a birthday party.
Next time you plan your kids birthday or gift something to a kid fill the birthday basket with legitimate legally sold products available at a click of your finger online. SO junk the fake stuff and…. Go on,  celebrate and make the Kid’s Birthday REAL!
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