Pokémon Licensing and India Opportunities

Rarely do marketers get to see the mass hysteria like the current Pokémon GO craze that a brand can generate and when it happens, it’s the opportunity to learn from and leverage via association. While the big guys like Nintendo whose stock went by 120% since Pokémon GO launched on 5th July and Apple poised to make an extra 3 billion US$ in revenue make the big business news, it is for marketers across categories to seize the opportunity, team up with Pokémon and get going with some solid, thought through and strategic associations.

A few points to ponder:

1. Pokémon is everywhere
Pokémon Go and Pokémon is everywhere and the hottest thing since its launch on 5th July across the world and in India. It has captured eyeballs and hearts and minds, garnered dedicated engagement and made news headlines like no other brand has done in years.

2. It’s got them all!
It in so longer the domain of kids, specially from a Indian context where one tends to think of it as a kids proposition because of the kids connect. Pokémon today has got kids, teens, collegiate, youth and even young adults in offices fully hooked on. So go ahead, pick your target audience and connect with them with Pokémon, they are sure playing it!

3. The perfect intersection of nostalgia and technology
A lot of the game’s success has the younger, non-kid generation redialing back to positive memories and the nostalgia of their childhood. This married with technology makes it a great choice for brands to associate with Pokémon and use the same combination to kick start a marketing engagement with consumer promotions, digital associations, ground events and brand association.

4. Think out of the box
Collecting and Saving, Internet connectivity, Fitness, Stamina are some of the hooks for companies like Banking and Insurance, Telecom Networks, Gyms, Footwear companies to consider Pokémon associations. With an audience spread across age groups, income stratas and geographies, Pokémon is not only for FMCGs, hitherto unexplored categories can be opened up with a strong association strategy with Pokemon.

5. The time is NOW
Its key to move fast and start working on the associations now so that they can come alive in the next 4-6 weeks. While experts are recognizing this as a long-term play, the first movers will always have advantage and will be rewarded for identifying and leveraging the opportunity before their competition does.

6. Go the legitimate route
Do not give in to the temptation of doing quick tactical association without getting a license. With long term play guaranteed, it is better to not get rapped on the knuckles for infringing an IP, what’s worse is that you could be inviting legal battles and penalty pay-outs. It is long term and wiser to acquire a license, get full access to artworks and information and work with the team to devise a product, promotion or association which will get the thumbs up from the fans and have you laughing to the bank.

Dream Theatre represents Pokémon for Licensing & Merchandising as well as Content Syndication in India and South Asia. For more information and association possibilities, write to us at info@dream-theatre.co.in