“Embrace your creative block” graphic designer extraordinaire :: Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser the iconic graphic designer passed away a few days back . I discovered his work while working at Cartoon Network. Being a Batman fan, I chanced on his simple DC logo

and then also realised that the omnipresent playful I ❤️NY on my first visit to NY was also designed by him . This made me look up his work and was amazed that his visual design encompassed a wide range from magazine art design to store and restaurant design . I also learnt that the psychedelic and iconic Coca Cola and Bob Dylan greatest hits cover are all his creations …the list goes on ! I remember an interview that I read where he was asked as to how he deals with creative blocks ? He said “I embrace it . A block happens from doing the same things over and over and running out of gas . It leads you elsewhere and that’s precisely what you need .” Original post by Jiggy George on LinkedIn

You can check out more of Milton’s work here

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