Dream Theatre CEO Jiggy George’s office is an ode to his passions

George’s office is an ode to his passions, like music, movies, sports and books. “I have brought parts of everything that resonates with me to work. I don’t ever feel I’m working,” he says.

The wonderwall

This was designed by our creative head who I handed a list of things that appeal to me. Miles Davis, Muhammad Ali, Bono, even the Matthew 16:26, and Monet and Banksy paintings are on this wall.

A tiger’s tale

I have written an animation script — Tiger Trail, which I hope will become a movie someday. This is one of the characters — Shufi.

Mojo working

I play the guitar and i am a fan of The Powerpuff Girls. I was part of the team that launched Powerpuff Girls in India so these were gifts sent by the executives in the US team.

Music for lunch

This tiffin box is actually a CD case. I have always had such a quirky office that I tend to get these kinds of gifts.

The yellow brick road

My artist friend Pratap SJB Rana depicted the journey of Dream Theatre through this painting called The Yellow Brick Road. Like in The Wizard of Oz, we will eventually reach the Emerald City.

The Aamir chhaap

I am a big movie buff. This bat signed by the entire Lagaan team was a gift from one of our partners.