Promotional Licensing


Promotional licensing is a fast catching trend in the industry. It’s a marketing agreement between a manufacturer and a celebrity to use his or her image in promoting a product.

Here’s a buy and get free promo of SM Foods snacks Peppy and Cheese balls through a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. characters Tom and Jerry. With this tie-up with SM Foods Peppy and Cheese balls, kids can make these characters Tom and Jerry a part of their lives at consumer-friendly price point of Rs. 10 and Rs. 5

Buy a cheese balls/peppy snack pack and get tom and jerry tattoo for free.

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We’re on Boards: Dream Theatre is now on Pinterest.

Wherever your interests and your curiosity might take you, from merchandise to brands, Pinterest has become a go-to source for sharing inspiration.

The idea of swapping images of merchandised products, movie characters, some of your favourite brands to something which is right up to our alley, so if you didn’t already know: Dream Theatre is now on Pinterest. And we really want to pin with you.

pinterest - screen grab

It’s the perfect community to engage in some visual merchandise of the brands we represent, so you’ll see some of the cool things that go on the retail shelf and you’ll also see a lot about the brands we represent.

Our boards are about the products of our licensees and the brands Dream Theatre represents. Plus there’s more to come — we’ll be adding more boards to it.


You’ll notice “Pin It” buttons so if you like any of them, you can quickly and easily pin it to one of your own favorite boards.

We can’t wait to see what resonates with you, so we can give you more of the images and ideas that matter most to you.