Smiley: The Total Lifestyle Brand & its Growth in India


The yellow smiley does not need an introduction. It is an icon in itself – one that has resonance across all categories of consumers. It has been built on the concept of self-expression – a universal language of communication. We call it “social currency” – as the entire world uses smiley to express themselves on social media. “Lol” has been replaced with  and “I am Angry” has been replaced with 

Smiley first came about in 1972 when a young journalist Franklyn Loufrani wanted to spread a little happiness in a time when bad news seemed to prevail. On New Year’s Day, French newspaper France Soir printed a Smiley logo next to all positive news stories. The idea became such a huge hit that people started buying the newspaper more, looking for the now iconic smiley, which would lead them to the ‘good news’. Before long, the promotion gained traction and an icon and brand was born.

When Franklin’s son, Nicolas Loufrani came on board 20 years ago, he looked at the logo – which he had been seeing his entire life – and realised that he wanted to bring in something different, something new. He started changing expressions; brought in different emotions which later became emoticons and the rest as they say is history.

The Smiley icon is one of the biggest phenomena in digital history !

For over 45 years, The Smiley Company has shaped the way we share happiness and express ourselves through iconic products found all over the world. From upscale capsule collaborations with iconic couture houses to limited edition products with the world’s leading hipster streetwear brands – Smiley brand collaborations continue to captivate reative directors, buyers and fashion press the world over. So, what makes Smiley apart from the rest of the market? It is the brands unique positioning at the epicentre of three major trends in society today: Happiness, emoticons and fun.

Today, The Smiley Company is present globally in almost 200 countries. It boasts of collaborating with some of the largest retail groups in the world and categories ranging from food, home décor, gifting, stationery, publishing and toys. The Smiley brand has a major licensing program which generated US $400 million in 2017. No wonder it’s one of the top 100 licensors globally and has won numerous awards including the Best Corporate Brand, Fashion & Lifestyle Program of the Year at the 2017 LIMA awards in Hong Kong.

Smiley & Dream Theatre

We at Dream Theatre were quick to realize the power of the brand and it’s potential in India. We also wanted to spread the brand message – happiness and fun to the Indian consumers. We worked together with Smiley – each one bringing in their own values, their own abilities and their own thinking to come up with a product that will be the best possible product for consumers. Smiley brings a smile to the faces of consumers at retail, and we at Dream Theatre are helping big brands reach their customers in exciting ways.

Growth & Partnerships in India

 Smiley launched its first apparel collection for women in India with ONLY (Bestseller). Such was the pull of the brand Smiley that the collection got sold in record time. There was no looking back after that. We successfully partnered with Krupa Industries, one of the largest BTS players in India to launch lunch boxes, pencil boxes, water bottles etc. for kids. Followed by Ultra, one of the largest soft toy manufacturers to launch Smiley plush & school bags. We also partnered with Simba, one of the largest kid’s bags manufacturers to launch a kids’ line. The positivity of Smiley’s brand appeals to both parents and children.

Available in-store and online, this trendy line has been created especially for children.

FMCG has been our strength in licensing and we successfully leveraged our relationship with Mondelez to launch a Smiley promotion – an on-pack and in-pack promotion for their popular candy brands Lickables and Gems. The campaign launched in September and offers Cadbury’s customers the chance to collect 16 mini Smiley toys including fidget spinners, phone stands, puzzles, mazes and stamps, as well as enjoying a selection of Cadbury’s products that feature a range of the iconic Smiley emoticons on their packaging. The promotion will be supported by TV advertising campaign and we will be replicating the promotion in additional territories, including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Working with Mondelez is not just building brand awareness; it’s allowing us to create integrated marketing experiences for both retail and online.

In India, Smiley is also present in Lifestyle department stores for many years now, where they cater to men, women and children. This range offers colours, and choice of the messages relevant to local consumers, providing buyers with the best of both worlds. Smiley is also present in Archies and our offerings include greeting cards which create the buzz among the young audiences – teenagers and young adults. They’re happy, fun and cool.

The above partnerships showcases yet another great story of how when you work with Smiley – you don’t just get trend led, best-selling collections, but also an incredibly positive marketing message to create meaningful and memorable customer experiences that consumers want to share. They are going to further spread our message of bringing happiness and positive values and spread smiles. Smiley increases purchase intent and improves on-shelf stand amongst consumers. As a result more brands are turning to Smiley in order to leverage not just our authentic position, but also our positive marketing message and directory of thousands of trademarked Smiley icons.

Trends may come and go, but the Smiley face is clearly here to stay. Its transition from being an emotion to being an Emoticon is truly phenomenal. Smiley has been setting trends and has always been at the forefront of popular culture. Now four decades later, Smiley has become more than just an icon, a brand and a lifestyle: it is now a spirit and a philosophy, reminding people just how powerful a sunny smile can be!

India catches Fifa World Cup fever

India…India….India…India. That is something you won’t be hearing in this 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Coming to the sore point about our country’s participation in the global event, even though we have a population of more than 1.3 Billion of which more than 50% fall under the age of 25. It baffles me why we cannot have a team capable enough to make it all the way. Again, I am not trying to demean the efforts of the existing players and in no way suggesting they are incompetent. It is more to do with the environment and facilities that are almost non-existent. We have never been part of any world cup although the team did qualify by default in 1950 after all the other nations in our qualification group withdrew. However, we withdrew prior to the beginning of the tournament.

There has been some progress lately and we are seeing a shift in sports preference from the newer generation and thanks to the huge investments in football by Reliance, the ISL has grown considerably popular and viewership has increased year on year. The audience with the exposure to the various European leagues fixtures and UEFA’s various formats have accepted football as a viewing sport and the matches have made itself a talking point amongst youngsters, with each one choosing a team which they associate. The fan base for each team has considerably increased especially the teams from England and Spain and the largest followers being for Real Madrid which stands at 77.3 Million across all digital platforms.

FIFA brings in great interest in football and most fans are for Argentina and Brazil, with Portugal, England, Germany, Spain and Italy being the other countries. We see great enthusiasm and match screenings are the new way to catch up with friends. The world cup truly gets people together irrespective of your country’s participation and this particularly holds true for us. SET India the broadcast partners for the world cup has used this as a campaign idea and created an amazing connect with the audience using the idea “Meri Doosri Country”.

Russia 2018 will be a defining world cup for two of greatest legends to grace the field; Messi and Ronaldo. It will probably be their last world cup and both with their respective teams will try their very best to lift the golden trophy. One team that will be missed is Italy and it is still something the fans need to overcome. The world cup has always seen Italy’s participation and this will be the first time in 60 years that the Azzuris have not qualified considering they are 4 time champions and have players of exceptional quality. Of the other teams Brazil is always the crowd favourite because of the way they play, its pure magic. They will this time be out for revenge against Germany for the humiliating defeat they suffered at home turf in 2014. Germany the current holders will try to do a double. The team looks in good shape apart from a few ageing players. My dark horse is the Belgian side A.K.A Red Devils. They are the side to watch out as they have players with exceptional talent and good both in attack and defence. Let us hope to see a fantastic battle between the teams and I am hoping my doosri country wins.

On the merchandise front we have been witnessing this change from early 2013, when we first decided to take a shot at the FIFA world cup 2014. We were unsure of how a cricket crazy country would react to the merchandise though we knew that as an aspirational sport the merchandise would sell coupled with the interest in football. Our bet paid off and we did some unbelievable sales. This gave us confidence to look at football offerings more closely. We now have Real Madrid and of course FIFA 2018 merchandise in the market with more categories activated.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has a whole host of authentic licensed merchandise ranging from Apparel to Bags, Sippers, Footballs, Footwear, gifts and novelties and more with prices beginning at INR 299. The Alcis 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia fan wear range comprises over 550 products with T-Shirts, Polo T-shirts, Shorts, Track pants, Tracksuits, Hoodies, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Jerseys and Caps. The range starts at INR 399. The merchandise is available from 1000+ apparel stores and large format stores like Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Max Retail, Central, Globus, Sports Station along with leading e-commerce platforms.

So while you will be watching the biggest sporting event from 14th of this month, do show your love for the assortment of merchandise we have put out for you. Help us create more fanatics and support our cause, which is none except it makes good business.

Just ‘F’ 143


Mojostar, a joint venture between Dream Theatre and KWAN Entertainment, launched its second celebrity, co-created brand Just F, a female-only fitness and fashion brand with Jacqueline Fernandez. Mojostar is founded by two industry veterans – Anirban Blah, founder and MD of KWAN entertainment and Jiggy George, founder,  and CEO of Dream Theatre.

What does ‘F’ mean in the Brand name? When someone asked Jacqueline, watch she said about it – Click Here!

Just F aims to explore the female active-wear space in India with a combination of fresh design, functionality for fitness and trendy fashion. Just F will launch a range of stylish athleisure outfits, covering a range of trends and use cases such as monochromes, floral infuse activewear, club-inspired activewear, functional sports bras, color blocking etc. The brand has also paid great attention to detail in terms of construction and sizing, designing products which are better suited to the body type of Indian women. Crossover styling across the range helps women to fashionably achieve their fitness goals while bringing the fun back into the mix.

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Pokémon in India


Japanese properties have always been a big draw in for kids in India on television and its no surprise that Pokémon scores very high in India on popularity not just on the content side, but also on brand recall, popularity, and merchandise. Millions of kids tuned into the show in the early 2000s when it was a big hit on television. With its re-launch on Disney in the summer of 2014, Pokémon has emerged as a winner for a new generation of kids all over again. The show airs on Disney XD in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and is also available on VOOT and is one of the most popular shows on both platforms! The advent of Pokémon GO saw young adults, who were die-hard fans in the early 2000s, re-dialing into the franchise with renewed energy. The result Pokémon is one of the few franchises, which has the distinction, especially from an Indian scenario, of finding resonance both with kids who continue to watch and adore the show and adults who grew up with Pokémon. On the merchandise front, Pokémon is one of the widest licensed properties with products across 15+ categories from apparel to bags to home furnishings and more. On the adults’ front, the Pokémon Jack n Jones collection sold out in record time and Pokémon apparel is one of the top-selling apparel range on E-commerce platforms like Myntra and others. With prices starting from INR 25 for Camlin’s stationery range, there is something for every fan to buy! And that’s not all, with more than 700 Pokémon to collect, Pokémon is one of the hottest Promotional Licensing propositions. Kellogg Chocos and Cadburys Gems & Lickable have run extremely successful promotions with kids collecting Pokémon figurines, toys, cards and more! So if you are looking for a property that ticks all the boxes on massive popularity, universal appeal, strong presence on TV and VOD and successful products across categories, look no further, Pokémon is your answer!

Oggy – The most loved cat in India!

He’s blue, he’s a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. OGGY is the only cat, the word feline can’t apply to. He would be the happiest of cats if three hideous cockroaches hadn’t decided to settle inside his comfortable home: JOEY, DEEDEE, and MARKY. They are ugly, stupid, nasty and determined to make Oggy’s life a misery.t’s fast, it’s crazy and it’s hilarious… it’s OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES! And India Just can’t have enough of them!   Oggy and the Cockroaches is one of the most sought-after TV shows in India playing on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and also available on Amazon Prime.  Indian fans make up for 35% of its total  1.3 million fans, Indian ranks #1 in Oggy’s 60,000+  Instagram subscribers and on YouTube,  India is the # 1 country with  110k subscribers and over 5 million views per month. 
Want to leverage these brand credentials and reach the massive audience with Oggy branded products for India’s most loved Cat?
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Hello Kitty for all!


The Smiley Company at India Fashion Forum 2018

The Smiley Company booth at the Indian Fashion Forum 2018 was a huge hit with brands and key retail chains seeking opportunities with Smiley in India. Smiley’s CEO, Nicolas Loufrani, was a speaker on the Licensing Panel Discussion on 14th March 2018 speaking on how Smiley has evolved into a licensing success story with 310 licensees, USD 405 million in retail sales and 136 million products sold worldwide.
Dream Theatre represents The Smiley Company in India and Smiley is a very successful licensing programme in India across apparel, gifts and novelties, bags and more product categories and promotions hitting shelves in coming months!  Contact our experts today to find how to grow your business with a Smile!
Check all the media interactions with Nicolas Loufrani:

India Fashion Forum 2018


The India Fashion Forum 2018 (13th-14th March 2018) was a roaring success with participants across brands, retailers, thought-leaders, academicians and fashion intelligentsia drawn from across India and the world. In a first, The Indian Fashion Forum partnered with Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA) to shine a spotlight on the Licensing Business and how it has been on the forefront of driving growth in fashion.

The panel discussion titled “Fashion Licensing: Driving Growth Globally and In India” had the luminaries of the licensing industry participate to highlight the role of licensing in fashion. Moderated by Jiggy George, Head of LIMA India & Founder and CEO of Dream Theatre, Ms Maura Regan Executive Vice President , Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association delivered the opening statement and the eminent panelists included Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of The Smiley Company, Sanjeet Mehta – Executive Director, Consumer Products, Disney India, Girish Kumar, Trading Head Shoppers Stop, Vivek Bali, COO, Sephora, Manohar Kamath – CXO and Head Myntra Fashion Brands and Shweta Pandey Director-Counsel, Head Legal & Member, Board of Directors, Target. The discussion was a engaging, interactive session and highlights included advantages of licensing versus creating own brands, the solid contributions of licensing in the e-commerce businesses, how licensing across fashion, entertainment and celebrity pods is helping retailers offer new products and connect with their consumers, challenges in the Indian industry and how retailers and brands can leverage licensing along with their own brands to create a strong product portfolio.

The Beebop Story – The Brand, Products and more!

Cheers to the Wonder Years!
Brand Beebop, owned by Dream Theatre Pvt. Ltd. launched in early 2010 is India’s first homegrown pre-school brand. From launch to date, our brand has loyally adhered to its original philosophy of extending the joy of parenting. Our endeavor is, to make the journey from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond a “Wonder” filled memorable experience for every Beebop baby.Our brand was launched with a robust, curated range of toys and baby essentials for newborn babies until age 36 months.  The range grew with the addition of baby apparel gift sets, baby blankets, including a host of other soft line products.The exciting, innovative extension along the way was the publishing arm of Beebop. In 2015, Beebop books were launched by Harper Kids India (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers). Each Beebop storybook (age appropriate for 3 + years) is brilliantly illustrated and has an activity book based on the story which can be used over time, as the child’s cognitive skills develop. This is in sync with our philosophy of extending the joy and engagement with the storybook.beebop-banner

In every category, Beebop products have stood out with its high quality of global standards, a studied understanding and thought of what a baby, as well as a caregiver, would need, unique thematic designs in the soft line range, value enriched products, affordable pricing and most importantly the story that precedes the Brand of Beebop.

Beebop has grown from strength to strength as we increase our reach on Facebook with innovative ideas and tips to make parenthood and childhood more exciting

Today Beebop proudly offers a range of excellent quality products which are stylish and international in its appeal, all at very affordable prices. Our comforters both the hooded ones which double up as cozy swaddle cloths and the reversible summer blankets are big hits with new moms. We also offer a range of cushioned carry nests for babies and infants while on the go. This product is ideal to carry a baby in arms or offer cuddled up comfort to an infant when taken out of the home. Our apparel gift sets are theme based and refreshing in its color palette and designs. What makes us stand out is that we can boast of the tiniest little skirt sold for your little princess. Our baby girls 5 pieces gift sets in a newborn size has a little skirt instead of the quintessential unisex romper or shorts…all this and more at Beebop. keep a lookout for more as we Welcome you with love to the World of Beebop!
To know more about Beebop connect with Srishti Sud at

#ReadyToMove- Tiger on the Prowl!

team-mojostar-with-tiger-shroff-prowl-launchMojostar, a joint venture between Dream Theatre and KWAN Entertainment, launched its first celebrity, co-created brand Prowl, a brand with Tiger Shroff. The brand will play in the active lifestyle segment with apparel and more launches in the anvil. Prowl represents youthful energy and celebrates movement in all forms – from martial arts to dance. And that reflects very well on the brand color of deep orange popping out of the black and white logo.
tiger-shroff-jiggy-george-prowl-launchThe active lifestyle business is a USD 7 billion market and growing really fast. While a plethora of international brands are available in the market,  none address the 18-25 years age group specifically and Prowl aims to create a dent in the market by offering a combination of style and performance aimed at a focussed target audience. 
Tiger foresees Prowl becoming a successful dominant in active wear over a time of 5-10 years and also see international opportunities over a time period of 4-5 years especially in the South East Asia markets. He is actively involved with the brand so far with almost everything. Adding his personal experience to active wear, addressing issues that consumers face and  expect an active wear brand forms the core of the brand. Products will be priced between INR 1000 – INR 3000.
The range is expected to hit the market by June 2018 and will be available on leading e-commerce platforms. Prowl will currently be available online only. 
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