Bata India introduces Angry Birds Range for kids

Angry Birds is an epidemic the world over and is rapidly taking over the kids across the globe. I wont be surprised if they will be added to text books as a new species of birds 🙂 Bata India, one of our favourite shoe brands is the latest entrant and we are sooooo happy. If you are wondering why its simple quality + characters makes a happy mommy.

Bata India’s collection of Angry Birds merchandise, offers school shoes, casual shoes and accessories for children and teenagers.  With trendy design’s that are comfortable and mix & match of various characters from the popular angry birds – red, blue, black, boomerang etc.

The collection is an assortment of rubber thongs, slippers, eva (Injection) range along with school shoes and socks for the age bracket of 2 years to teens. This range offers a colour splash in casual canvas shoes for kids 6 year olds onwards until teenagers. What we absolutely love are the prices.  Priced between Rs.299 to Rs. 999, the collection is available in bright and vibrant colours across at all Bata stores and online @

When its Bata you know it will be comfortable and long lasting. After all they have the trust of moms for over so many years. So moms don’t hesitate buying these birds that chirp comfort and quality at great prices.