At Dream Theatre, we use the power of licensing to build new brands, enhance the strength and presence of existing brands, create content for media and publishing, and to represent companies on syndication and licensing brands. We also consult on retail and licensing projects thereby creating optimal synergy between the brand property owners, retailers and their corresponding end-users.

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If you are a manufacturer and want to build your own brand, you’ve come to just the right place.
Much like Rome, no brand is built in a day. It's a tough and long road, but we can help make the journey a little easier. Here's our solution: Why not acquire a license from a well-established brand with a large audience base and appeal? By harnessing the power of the range of brands represented by the Dream Theatre licensing agency, you can differentiate your offering by licensing brands and make your product valuable to both distributors and retailers.

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Plan and execute a well-designed, compelling program that appeals to your fans
When you are a celebrity looking to create your own brand, you can explore brand syndication to take you beyond a screen or the pages of a magazine. Dream Theatre can help you build a credible licensing program and ensure that all brand extensions are strategic and in-sync with your brand personality.

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Have a private brand? Look no further for innovative design solutions!
Dream Theatre, a leading brand licensing agency, can help create a differentiated offering through an exclusive range of products that are specifically geared towards your customer base. We believe that our best testimonials lie in the work we do, so do take a look at our esteemed clients and their brands.

We understand that as an FMCG company, you have a whole range of objectives to achieve
From increasing sales to building loyalty, we can provide you with a gamut of powerful brands syndication options to champion your sales promotions.
You could also license our iconic brands to create standalone products that help you emerge from the clutter, while simultaneously leveraging their huge fan appeal.
Dream Theatre can leverage brand syndication options such as iconic animation, television and movie clips for you, and help you customise your brand communication.
To get a complete idea of what we do and how we do it, do take a look at our esteemed clients and their brands.

We build strategies and extensions that are in-tune with your brand identity
After understanding your objectives, the team at Dream Theatre can build a strategy, suggest innovative extensions that are in sync with your brand and even manage the program. This approach has one huge selling point: it results in a program that is cohesive, providing a seamless experience for the end consumer.

We provide you with solutions right from the earliest stages of building a licensing program
We harness all the media experience (spanning a couple of years!) possessed by our licensing agency, to provide you with solutions right from the earliest stage of building a licensing program. We can and would like to be involved right from the script stage to identifying extensions, design, licensee identification, as well as the roll-out of products and royalty rationalisation.

Hospitality just got so much more innovative
You can leverage our licensed brands to create innovative food retail formats like cafés, ice cream parlours, restaurants or innovative concepts in hotels.

Look no further for the perfect brand ambassadors
Our range of iconic brands work brilliantly as brand ambassadors, breaking through the clutter and communicating your brand message clearly and innovatively.

Explore all the brand extension possibilities at your disposal
As a brand management and licensing enterprise that believes in painstaking attention to detail and flawless execution, we can work with you to explore all the brand extension possibilities at your disposal, as well as the legal framework for your brand. We can work with you to build assets, identify licensees, roll-out products across geographies and rationalise royalties.

Our wealth of experience meets your vision
Dream Theatre has rights for licensing brands in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh for a whole range of products. If you are an international brand looking at licensing in South Asia, our wealth of experience as a brand licensing agency could meet your vision, so that we can work on an entry strategy for the same.

Harness the power of our brands to elevate your event
From meet and greets to ticketed events to a whole range of innovative formats, our licensed brands could be just the thing to take your event to the next level.

Utilise our fan-favourite brands to create brilliant experiences for your audience
You could use our range of iconic brands and their huge fan following to create amazing experiences and innovative thematic elements for amusement parks and other family entertainment centres.

Join us to explore all the possibilities!
Do send us your ideas at and we will be glad to get in touch with you and discuss all the possibilities.

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