• Gotta catch ‘em all!

    Ash and Pikachu are out to be the very best in the world of Pokémon and in the licensing world as well.

  • Breaking all barriers!

    Watch out as the angry birds take down the greedy pigs and take over the world of licensing as well.

  • Style with attitude!

    Von Dutch, adding ‘Kustom Kulture’ to the world of merchandising and branding!

  • Make way for the Champions!

    Real Madrid, the 2014 Champions League winners are out to rule the field of merchandising.

  • The Simpsons:

    The Simpsons are now in India and fast making it to the top of favorite merchandise lists!

  • Beebop:

    Cheers to the Wonder Years! Beebop now available across publishing, gift sets, toys and more!

Dream Theatre leverages the power of licensing to CREATE, REPRESENT and DISTRIBUTE iconic brands in South Asia. These brands are focused on Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle businesses.


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At Dream Theatre, we use the power of licensing to build new brands, enhance the strength and presence of existing brands, create content for media and publishing, represent...

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Angry Birds

Pokémon Syndication

Pokémon is back, bigger and better than ever! Dream Theatre believed that Pokémon is an amazing phenomenon that could see a revival after the glory days of 2006...

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Dream Theatre Launches Beebop Books

We are thrilled and proud to announce the launch of Beebop books, published by Harper Collins India. Beebop, the brand, is conceptualized and owned by Dream Theatre...